The idea for Book Launch Mentor sparked to life this year, but its roots go back to the 90s. (Hi bigger hair!) During that time, Mary DeMuth was unpublished (wah, wah), and desperately wanted to know the secret of getting published. She went to lunch with a published author (cue birds singing and fairies frolicking). She brought her little pad of paper already scribbled with questions.

She asked the published author how to get published…


She figured she must not have asked in the magical way, so she reworded her questions, hoping for something, anything! tangible to help her figure out the mystery. (This was, of course, before the Age of Internets and the art of Google).

But the author flat out would NOT answer her questions.

Mary made a vow then.

“Self,” she said to herself, “if you ever learn the secrets of this publishing gig, you are going to share them with whoever (whomever?) needs them.”

Once Mary was published (and her life was complete . . . ha ha), she began teaching writers how to be amazing writers, how to get published, and how to navigate the writing life.

She started something called the Writing Spa with editors Leslie Wilson and Anne Mateer. And for a few years they mentored writers toward publication. (Aside: they met at a writers group in Rockwall, TX, and meet weekly for critique. The name of their group? Life Sentence. Because they’re in it for life!)

Mostly what they did was edit people’s staggering works of genius. Which was fun and amazing, but Mary knew down deep that she wasn’t put on the earth to edit. She needed to create, speak, and write books. In ten years, she wrote over 30 books and spoke in various countries around the world. She shuttered the Writing Spa, and continued on her path.

Funny thing about writing books, though.

They demand to be sold.

You don’t just write them. You have to sell them. And to be able to keep writing, you have to keep selling. It’s a necessary evil (er, joy!).

Mary soon realized that marketing and launching books was a really important part of the writer’s life. And so she spent a lot of time learning how to do just that. She tried on strange ideas, failed, succeeded, and tried more. She battled fear. She didn’t want to become one of those authors who peddle their books like Ned Ryerson.

So she learned how to be UNcreepy, to build a tribe, to offer value to her readers, and find joy in the process of book promotion.

And then others started noticing. And asking her to please mentor them in this area. Folks like Dr. Bill (doesn’t he look friendly?):

Bill close up BW

“The launch of my book was highly successful because Mary DeMuth was absolutely fabulous. She was genuinely personal, totally available, highly professional, incredibly knowledgeable, technically excellent, artistically creative, and amazingly affordable. When we started, I knew nothing about launching a book, but Mary held my hand through every step in the process. If I had it to do all over again, I would choose Mary.” George W. Nichols, Ph.D. (Bill)

During that time, a few more authors connected with Mary, and wouldn’t you know it but an idea came to fruition? Why not mentor/shepherd writers in this difficult minefield of book promotion? To show there’s another way, a peaceful, effective way?

And not in a predatory way, either. Not a scam. Not promising what can’t be delivered. Honest, helpful feedback.

And as she thought of launching Book Launch Mentor, she remembered her dear friends Leslie and Anne who are amazing editors and thought, What if folks aren’t quite ready to be published? What if their books need help before they’re published? It’s even harder to sell a broken book, so why don’t we help authors present their best possible foot forward?

So that’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. We can help you get your book up to speed, then deliver it to those who desperately need its message or story.

(The launch mentoring portion of Book Launch Mentor will be live soon. Watch for it. Mary will limit the first 1-month intensive to 20 authors, so if you’re interested, sign up below):

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