Great Editors: A List

All writers need an editor. ALL. I would not be where I am today without tremendous editors who helped me see things I could never see. We’re all so close to our writing that we need another set of eyes. Of course you could ask a friend or a spouse to read your work, but that second set of eyes actually needs some expertise. Plus, friends and family love to tell you how awesome you are, and that is not helpful when you’re trying to refine a piece. Even now, before I send off a book to my publisher, I have two editor friends look it over before it heads to more editing.

I hope that convinced you of your need for a high quality editor. Below are some Christian editors I personally recommend. Typical fee is around $50 an hour. Each has their own preferences (fiction, articles, nonfiction, poetry, etc.).

Great Editors:

Jed Ostoich


Types of Editing: Basic to heavy copyediting, Line editing, Developmental editing. Find out more:

Rate: $40/hr or $0.04 a word.

Leslie Wilson


Types of Editing: Leslie Wilson over at The Editing Pro ( can handle just about any kind of edit for you, including: Substantive or developmental edit (which helps you ID your audience, hone your message, develop your manuscript and rework sections, if needed);Language (which focuses verb use, sentence structure and development of ideas); Copy edit (which focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and wording, standardized formatting); or Comprehensive (which incorporates all of these).

Rate: She straight up charges $75.00/hour, but she’s fast, fast, fast. ASIDE: Leslie also takes ghostwriting clients on a limited basis; contact her for availability and a quote. Her most recent collaborative project, for Anna LeBaron, comes out next month—The Polygamist’s Daughter: A Memoir (Tyndale, March 2107).

Shayla Eaton

Contact: Potential clients can contact me at

Types of Editing: I offer developmental (some people call it substantive) editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Of course, I also offer other services here (marketing, book launches, design, etc.).

Rate: I give my rates for editing after reviewing the potential client’s book, but I can give a ballpark: I charge 3 to 7 cents per word. Again, that can differ depending on the type of editing and the turnaround time.

Patti Richter


Types of Editing: I prefer to edit nonfiction articles, stories and essays with a Christian or inspirational theme. I have much experience in these and with newsletters, reports, and more. I’m willing to edit book chapters—by the chapter, without committing to a book project. And I enjoy editing poetry and lyrics, though I’ve had less opportunities to work with these.

Rate: Two cents per word for copy editing; three cents per word for structural/developmental editing.


Bethany Kaczmarek


Types of Editing: I edit novels, my favortites: contemporary romance and speculative fiction. I do developmental/copyediting/line editing/manuscript evaluation. I was an ACFW Editor of the Year finalist, 2015. I believe Story is powerful, and author voice comes from knowing the rules well enough to break them with flair.

Rate: I charge $40/hr.

Collin Huber


Types of Editing: proofreading, copyediting, line editing, stylistic/structural editing.

Rate: $40/hr or $0.04 a word

Lea Ann Garfias


Types of Editing: Specializing in article and ebook editing and nonfiction book proposal consultation.

Rate: Rates depending on the project, generally $50 per hour.

Jon Minnema


Types of Editing: I edit poetry, nonfiction essays, and occasionally fiction.

Rate: My rate is dependent on the project. I am pro bono for short pieces, but I limit the editing work to thirty minutes in those cases.

Anne Mateer


Types of Editing:  Fiction, prefer substantive edits, but also do line edits. Occasional non-fiction.

Rate: $50 an hour

Lori Freeland


Types of Editing: I’m a writing coach and editor interested in short and long projects, both fiction and non-fiction. Find more information at

Rate: I charge $30 an hour and edit the first two pages with extensive comments for free. That way you can get a feel for my style while I get a better idea of total project cost.

Andrea Cumbo-Floyd


Types of Editing: I do manuscript reviews, developmental editing and content editing. You can find me at

Rate: My rate is $60/hour, and I read 20 pages an hour for a manuscript review (1.2 cents a word) and 5 pages an hour for editing (20.8 cents a word).

Kathy Ide


Types of Editing:  I edit all kinds of writing, from fiction to gift books. See the testimonials of my clients who have won awards and have landed publishing contracts here:  Find out more here:

Rate: My current rate for new clients is $60/hour, but I could give people you recommend a $5/hour discount, bringing the rate down to $55/hour. (Hear that, friends! Mention you came from here for the $5 discount)

Blake Atwood


Types of Editing: Blake prefers and mostly works on Christian nonfiction, but he’s helped many nonfiction authors craft their books. He also offers cowriting and ghostwriting. Visit to learn more or tell him about your project.

Rate: Blake Atwood offers nonfiction developmental editing from 3-3.6¢/word and both nonfiction and fiction copyediting from 2-2.6¢/word.

Malia Rodriguez


Types of Editing: I love content/substantive and theological editing.

Rate: My rate is $50 per hour.

Other Avenues

My Christian Editor Connection is a great place for authors to find established professional editors who have been extensively screened and tested. Authors can just go to and fill out the form for Authors Seeking Editors, and they will be personally connected with editors who fit their genre and the type/level of editing they’re looking for.

Or you can try Fiverr.

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    Is there a way to recommend other Christian editors for this list?

    • marydemuth Post authorReply

      Since this is a list I can personally recommend, probably not. But you are certainly welcome to add some great ones in the comments.

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