Go Ask Mary – Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Go Ask Mary, a podcast created with YOU in mind. When I was mentoring writers in my last intensive, they often came to me with questions. At one point, the attendees gathered for dinner, then had a conundrum about a publishing question. One of them said, “Well, go ask Mary.” When they shared that with me, I thought it might be a fun name for a podcast where your questions are highlighted.

This episode has NO questions (the questions start next week). Instead, I share a little about my own journey of publication and set up the expectations for the podcast.

If you’d like your question answered, just click on the right hand side of this blog where there’s a grey box and a microphone >>> Record your question, then wait and see when your question will get answered! It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s succinct.

If you enjoy the podcast, would you be willing to share it with your writer friends? I would so appreciate it.

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