Here’s something practical to add to your book proposal (and it’s free!)

I’ve been feeling burdened for people who have walked through a friendship breakup. And I believe this book should have a wide distribution, which is why I’m pursuing traditional publishing. In order to convince publishers of the need, I’m doing something novel: starting a petition.

This is something you can do as an author to show the need for a book. If you can prove to a publisher that there is already a built in audience for your book, you have a better chance of getting through the pub board.

I used, and it was a very easy process. Simply sign in, add a graphic, a little text, and then share widely with your audience.

What’s ingenious about this (and something I didn’t anticipate) was the amount of intel I’ve received through the process. To know what I’m talking about, read through some of the comments. All these stories not only cement my desire to write this book, but it’s amazing fodder for the book. I will also be able to use these quotes in my book proposal.

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In creating this petition, I want to raise awareness that it is hard when a friend breakup happens, and I want to give people tools to use, along with hard won wisdom in the aftermath of a painful breakup.

Here’s what the petition looks like:

Here’s a little more about the book:

(This is an example of an author One Sheet, something you would bring to a writers conference to show when you meet with an editor or agent. You can see more one sheets, plus a tutorial here).

I hope this has helped nudge you a little to think outside of the publishing box when creating your book proposal. I wish you much ingenuity and success!

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